Magdalena Brzostowska

Senior Interior Architect and Designer

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Magdalena Brzostowska

Senior Interior Architect and Designer

After finishing my Bachelor degree of interior design in Białystok Univerity of Technology Faculty of Architecture I started to work for BBS Architects in Gdynia as interior designer. I was quickly assigned to key clients and I started designing and coordinating projects for a financial branches (Nordea, BZWBK, Alior), a big fashion brand „Reserved”, a public institutions and an innovation projects like „Garden of senses” in palace complex on south Poland.

After switching workplaces to Moka design studio, I started to manage projects fully by myself, from taking clients requirements and proposing design solutions, inquiring about the legal status of investment, to overseeing the development and official check-up. I have experience in designing a medical centres. I was designing and coordinating renovation of one of the biggest hospital in Poland. My other projects include: the most innovative entrepreneurship incubator in the north Poland - Pomeranian Park of Technology, a model houses of exclusive house development in Gdańsk or designing an office spaces for the biggest Pomeranian companies.

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2130 days of commercial experience
2 Hit my bosses car (accidentally)

My resume

8 year of commercial experience.

Work Experience

2009 - now

Senior Interior Architect / Project Coordinator @ Moka Design - Gdynia

from 2009 to present day

Senior interior architect

In Moka design I developed skills in designing for demanding medical branch.

I prepared interior's projects for out-patient clinics, plastic surgery clinics, gynecological and pediatric hospitals.

I have experience in office interior designs as well as private houses and apartments. I was preparing projects for ergonomic work spaces and conference rooms.

In all projects I was directly involved with the clients, which included: collecting information about client's needs, creating visual and space concept, conceptualizing interior detailing including lighting, color and materials, planning of space and architectural elements, furniture drawings, making cost calculations,coordinating development and supplies.

I created layouts of office spaces including the requirements of individual departments. List of my clients included: Wolters Kluwer Poland, Pomeranian Park of Technology and Science, shipping companies Nautiqus and Omida.

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2006 - 2009

Interior Architect @ BBS Design

from 2006 to 2009

Senior interior architect

During studies I started work for architect and interior design studio BBS Architects.

I was responsible for projects of three banking chains, including: in scope architectural projects for construction permit, coordinated construction process until end of construction.

In that studio I was also a part of a team , that crated an innovative project „Garden of senses”. The aim of the project was to create a garden, in which both able-bodied and disabled people would have a chance to develop their senses. The effect of that work was series of creative installations.

Beside that, I made brand identity for a clothing brand, a banking chains and a client service points.

Projects required coordination with electrical, sanitary and construction branch.

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2003 - 2006

Engineer degree in Interior Architecture Design at Bialystok University of Technology

from 2003 to 2006

Faculty of Architecture, Bialystok University of Technology

During studies:
I have learned Employ the concepts of interior design theory in the practice of interior design. I utilize modern instruments, methods, and techniques to produce interior design documents and presentations. I employed the concepts of project management theory in the practice of interior design. I applied the legal and code requirements pertaining to the interior design profession. I employed the concepts of business theory in the practice of interior design.

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I am excellent at

Bringing to life beautiful interiors that works.

  • understanding of client needs
  • supervising all steeps of construction process
  • customer service and public relations
  • advanced auto cad, corel and sketch up
  • working both independently and as part of a team
  • time management

Think pink but don't wear it.

-Karl Lagerfeld

what i can provide

Portfolio 1
corel draw, sketch up

interior design for specific purpose

Portfolio 1

preparation of professional presentations and drawings for clients

Portfolio 1
coordination of the project execution

guiding client through the all process of design and execution

Portfolio 1

cost estimation

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